Mischievous canine attacks hangers as if they were alive

By People Staff
Updated January 20, 2010 06:56 PM

Attention everyone: we are under attack! Clothes hangers have invaded, but not to worry – Fritz is here to save us all!

Julia Miller’s 5-year-old pooch has a happy, mischievous streak, and when Miller left a pile of hangers on her bedroom floor, she found Fritz rolling around in them, trying to bite them as they moved! When he was a puppy, Fritz would get into other kinds of trouble, like wrapping himself up an entire roll of toilet paper.

The cutest thing about Fritz? He can smile! “He curls his lips and shows his teeth when commanded to smile,” Miller says. “He kind of has the Elvis look when he does it.”

Fritz, who is brother to Miller’s 15-month-old daughter and a 2-year-old Havanese-Coton named Loki, loves the outdoors. He will jump into mounds of snow and disappear completely, or just go chasing after squirrels. Talk about boundless energy!

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