Animal D'Oh! Fluffy the Dog Thinks He's a Fancy Driver

This 160-lb. Newfoundland loves going for rides in the convertible

Ready to hop in Fluffy’s ride?

He’s a dog that loves speed, the wind in his hair, the hug of four wheels against the highway. And if it were legal, he would love to really get behind the wheel of his favorite convertible MG and put his paws to the pedal. Alas, it’s only a dream.

“He can’t really drive,” says owner Farah Wagner. “But he would if he could.”

This 5-year-old Newfoundland gets a special summertime treat a few times a year, when the weather is good and the sun is out. He puts on his hat and his special dog goggles and gets into the passenger side, where his 160-lb. frame fills the seat just fine.

“He gets excited, but you can’t really tell,” Wagner says. “He’s understated. His walk gets a little more snappy.”

Fluffy, when he’s not taking joy rides in a British two-seater, is busy being his Michigan town’s local celebrity. The pooch pulls a wagon in every parade, and has been taking rescue classes so that he can pull struggling humans out of the water if they need his help.

He travels with his family and has been from coast to coast. He’s visited the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, listening to stories about Lewis & Clark on nights around the camp fire. But this dog is just as happy sitting right at home, where he will let Wagner’s three cats lick his nose and lips.

“If you stay in a room, he’ll find a place out of the way, and you’ll be looking for him because he’s made himself nearly invisible,” Wagner says. “His quiet and gentle nature is really his hallmark.”

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