June 29, 2011 09:00 PM

Most nights, Steven Toomey’s job requires him to stay up late, but luckily, he has 2½-year-old Emma to lend him a paw.

“I had that one reading lamp on,” Toomey says, “and she was chasing moths across my desk and ran under the light.”

While Emma looks to be standing perfectly still in the photo, she’s anything but according to Toomey, who adopted the American shorthair at 6-weeks-old after his son discovered her in a ditch.

“Emma’s pretty wild,” he says. “She flies around the house. She sits there, and out of the blue, just runs down the stairs and runs back up. She’s very spontaneous.”

Since Emma joined the family, Toomey has also taken in another stray, a black-and-white cat named Sam, who was adopted last September. The pair now shares daddy duty, both pitching in to keep Toomey company while he works.

“They’ll be at my window, lying on my keyboard,” he says. “Both of the cats consider my desk their home.”

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