Friendly Chihuahua loves to ham it up for the camera

By People Staff
Updated February 10, 2010 06:00 PM

Hit it, angel! Christmas may be a ways away, but for Dinky, caroling happens all year round. This perky Chihuahua has a way of always being the star of the show!

“Whenever Dinky sees a camera, he runs to be in the picture,” says Kate Pfingston (katesims7), who was taking photos of her grandchildren when her attention-loving pooch ran into the shot to display his vocal prowess.

Pfingston met Dinky while browsing a pet store in Hong Kong. She saw a 1-lb. Chihuahua looking up at her and “wagging his tail a mile a minute,” and immediately exclaimed, “What a little dinky thing!”

At the time, Pfingston was in Hong Kong teaching, so she would sneak her new pup to school every day in her purse. To this day, Dinky jumps into any open bag he sees, and having been a helpful teacher’s aid for school children for so long, Dinky is comfortable being around small children and babies – not to mention statues of angels playing flutes!

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