Gray-and-white tabby likes to hang out with the big cats


Harley is in position and ready to strike! Beware of this crouching tabby – oops, sorry – tiger!

Sherry Summers (catsx9) has three tiger statues around her home, and they’re all bigger than 3-year-old Harley, who likes to perch under them and keep an eye on his mommy.

Harley was just a kitten when Summers found him meowing on the muffler of her husband’s truck. He instantly became a part of their multi-cat family.

Being inside/on top of metal things is really Harley’s nature. He especially loves sleeping in the kitchen sink, that is, when he’s not in a pot or pan.

“He really is a unique kitty,” Summers says. “He is jealous of any other cats when they are sitting in my husband’s lap.” Meow!

When the cats aren’t in anybody else’s lap, Harley gets along with them just fine!

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