This well-mannered chipmunk enjoys his nuts on china

By People Staff
Updated November 11, 2009 07:00 PM

You won’t ever see this chipmunk stuffing his face until his cheeks puff up with nuts – he’s much too polite and well-mannered for that! He likes to sit at the table to eat his favorite nuts, and might we point out, that table is covered with a tablecloth and fine chipmunk china.

Bev Morgenstern (chippy) doesn’t have any household pets, but she does have an outdoor friend named Chippy. The friendly chipmunk, who comes and goes as he pleases, began coming to Morgenstern’s home every day when she started tossing nuts onto the deck. Over time, the chipmunk became very friendly, and even developed a habit of peeking through the screen door and waiting for his daily feedings.

“He has the most adorable eyes,” Morgenstern tells “You can’t help but bring him some nuts!”

Morgenstern got Chippy a table for him to eat his nuts – walnuts and pecans are his favorites – to encourage “better manners,” she says. Now, when Morgenstern puts nuts on Chippy’s table, he runs over, sits and eats!

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