Sydney’s favorite thing to do is poke her head through the dining chairs

By People Staff
Updated July 21, 2010 07:01 PM

Well? Are you coming? The food’s getting cold!

Sydney the cat has a way of getting everyone’s attention, whether it’s by meowing until someone looks her way, or by contorting herself into strange positions like this one. Can’t help but look!

“She loves to climb on chairs. It’s just her favorite thing to do,” owner Jennifer Dianovsky tells “She sometimes goes into the window when I’m outside, and she’ll almost look like she’s doing a somersault to try and get my attention.”

Dianovsky says that her 6-year-old rescue cat’s behavior isn’t like any other cat’s she’s seen, including her two other housecats, who “tolerate” Syndey. When Dianovsky first met her five years ago, she hadn’t planned on getting another cat, but Syndey was different. She was affectionate and wanted to be held.

“I don’t know what her situation was before me,” Dianovsky says, “but she was very needy when she first got home. She followed me constantly and would cry and cry. She’s very much like a child.”

It can get exhausting at times, she says, but the tradeoff is in her favor.

“Sydney does a lot of loveable things, but the most touching moment happened the day I got some bad news and started crying,” Dianovsky says. “Sydney heard me, started meowing, and when I picked her up, she actually started licking the tears from my face.”

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