July 29, 2009 08:30 PM

Now that’s an unusual place to hang out! Though she seems like she needs rescuing, Daisy the cat loves chilling on the shower door. In fact, she can be found hopping up there to watch owner Lyn Cage (2kittens) get ready for work each morning.

How on earth does the kitty get up there? “She either walks across a cabinet on the side wall or jumps from the toilet seat,” says Cage, telling PEOPLE Pets that “tomboy” Daisy gets down the same way she got up.

As you can tell, this 3-year-old cat is a daredevil by nature. “She also does flips and somersaults from the floor when I’m swinging a toy around,” says Cage. While she loves playing with her kitty companion, Snobelle, “if she has to play by herself, [Daisy will] swing through the hole on her cat condo chasing her tail.”

Daisy’s acrobatic routines don’t always go so smoothly. She “sometimes crashes into things and just walks away,” says Cage. Wipeouts aside, the frolicking feline has come a long way from the 4-week-old kitten Cage rescued from outdoors three years ago: “Daisy only weighed 6.7 oz. and now is a fully grown muscular cat.” Keep doing those pull-ups, Daisy!

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