Adventurous feline runs up and down trees "with no hesitation" says his owner

Don’t call the fire department! We assure you that BB the cat can get out of this tree all by himself. In fact, this adventurous feline (a.k.a. Baby Boy) easily runs up and down trees all the time “with no hesitation,” according to his owner Meredith Broadhurst (luvmypitbull) of Suffolk, Va. When this 2-year-old gets excited about something, all he wants to do is go vertical!

“The day I took this picture, I was sitting on the front porch and he kept stalking another cat of ours, Kitty,” says Broadhurst. “They kept wrestling around the yard and after he got pounced back by Kitty, he ran around the yard in excitement and ran straight up the tree. I instantly ran and got my camera.”

This cat’s ability to scale trees actually comes in handy in life or death situations. “We live in a bog hunting area and during hunting season I always worry about my cats,” she says. “He is the one I don’t really worry about. He gets up a tree with ease and when the dog [that chased him] is gone, if we are not there to save him or he is up too high, he will just run right back down.”

BB, who Broadhurst found as a kitten in the auto parts salvage yard where she works, even comes to the aid of felines who are fearful of heights. “It’s funny because my other cats will get up in a tree with no problem, but will sit there until you come get them down,” she says. “We have actually sent BB up a tree to sit with our oldest cat, Momma. She had been chased by a dog and BB sat with her in the tree until we got the ladder out to get her down.”

When he’s not up in the air, BB is sleeping on cars, chasing leaves or dogs, or causing mischief indoors. “He loves when you are working at the computer desk, so he can walk back in forth in front of you, sometimes dropping down onto the keyboard so you can’t work,” she says. Oh, go climb a tree BB!

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