August 19, 2009 05:31 PM

Jonas the cat ought to work in construction. He’s a feline divider, separating the front door from the rest of the Delikat home by draping himself on this partition at his Staten Island, N.Y., house!

Owner Donna Delikat (donnalynn21481) says her 1-year-old kitty immediately gravitated toward this wall when she adopted him in July. “Within the first few days, he started laying on this half wall by the front door. He does it all the time – he seems very comfortable and relaxed. We call him monorail cat,” says Delikat. “He loves to lay on his belly with his chin hanging over.”

Jonas, who was named for exactly who you’d suspect (Delikat’s daughter is a big fan of the Jonas Brothers), has brought lots of laughs to the family since their beloved 17-year-old feline, Max, died in May. After Max’s death, “I decided to volunteer at a local animal rescue shelter, Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare, feeding [animals] and cleaning cages,” Delikat says. “I fell in love with this little guy… He’s such an adorable cat, lots of personality, loves to play, and follows me everywhere I go in the house.”

We can’t wait to see where Jonas’s feet take him next. “Hopefully, I’ll have more funny pictures to share in the future,” says Delikat. We hope so, too!

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