Bernie the St. Bernard likes to say hello to the whole neighborhood

March 31, 2010 05:16 PM

From the moment Erin Kramer picked up her new puppy at 9 weeks old, she knew he was going to be a big dog. And now, three years later, Bernie the St. Bernard has fulfilled his destiny.

At somewhere around 200 lbs. (he’s too afraid of the scale), Bernie looks nearly human when he’s standing at the fence in the front yard. And just like a good human neighbor, Bernie greets his family and all the neighbors any time they come toward the house!

Kramer, who runs a home day care service, has lots of children playing in her house, and most of the time, they’re playing with their best big dog friend, Bernie.

“He’s so loveable and playful, but he has no clue he’s that big,” says Kramer. “People just stop because they can’t get over the size of him.”

At some point, Bernie got into the habit of howling every time the town fire whistle goes off. It’s became such a trademark that the Kramers’ answering machine message is Bernie’s fire whistle howl, and the day care children will mimic the sound whenever it happens.

One person who isn’t as charmed by Bernie? The cat, Kitty Cat!

“Bernie always wants to play with the cat,” Kramer says, “but the cat is the boss.”

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