Andy Richter's Pet Parrot Nacho Has Chosen The Family Dog as His Mate This Breeding Season

Kiwi the dog is the apple of Nacho the parrot's eye during the bird's two-week mating period

Photo: Andy Richter/Twitter

Love is in the air and it knows no boundaries. Despite being completely different species, comedian Andy Richter’s pet parrot Nacho has decided on a new mate for this breeding season: the family dog.

Richter, 51, posted a tweet on Sunday to call out the budding romance between Nacho and canine Kiwi, and Twitter can’t handle how oddly cute the new couple is.

Richter announced the new love with a series of pictures on Twitter, showing the pup and parrot duo side-by-side. The star wrote, “We’ve had our parrot, Nacho, for about 10 yrs now, and every Spring he has about a 2 wk mating urge. It’s super annoying. In previous yrs, I have been the object of his procreation obsession, but this yr he has decided our dog Kiwi is his new mate.”

Nacho certainly seems attached, especially for a two-week fling. The photos in Richter’s post, which has been retweeted over 3,000 times, show Kiwi in various locations around their house, and Nacho’s determination to stick within pecking distance of the dog. Whether on the couch or catching some sun outside, Nacho doesn’t let Kiwi stray too far.

Richter even included some extra pictures of the pooch returning Nacho’s affections by pressing a quick kiss to the parrot’s cheek.

In an adorable video also posted by the comedian, viewers can watch as the family dog, Kiwi, stands in the kitchen with Nacho hot on his heels. Nacho follows Kiwi to his water bowl and waits by his side as the pooch quenches his thirst. Possibly in a bout of freedom, Kiwi leaps out the doggy flap, but the determined parrot just squeezes through the slightly ajar kitchen door, and races to his “mate’s” side.

In a hilarious response from one Twitter user, there is a zoomed in shot of the comedian’s other dog, who appears to feel left out. The user captioned the pic, “Yeah it’s cool, I don’t need love anyway.”

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Richter was quick to come to his other pet’s aid, saying, “Always need a third wheel.”

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