ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover
Credit: Amazon

Even Professional Car Detailers Swear by This $15 Pet Hair Removal Tool

“It’s the best one so far,” said a reviewer
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Unless you've got a hypoallergenic breed, owning a dog or cat inevitably means dealing with heavy shedding. Your sofa, car seat, towels, and bed are just some of the many places where you'll find pet hair, so having a powerful vacuum or grooming brush is crucial to keeping fuzz from covering all your belongings. When it comes to scrapers, shoppers on Amazon particularly swear by a $15 pet hair remover from Analan; in fact, even professional car detailers call it ″a must-have.″

Unlike most rectangular pet hair scapers (including the popular Lilly brush), the triangle-shape design and center ring grip of Analan's remover makes it much easier to hold onto, say reviewers. Each side of the triangle comes with a different type of brush teeth, making it ideal for getting hair off tougher materials like car seats, as well as softer fabrics like sweaters.

Buy It! Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover in matte black, $14.95 (orig. $19.95);

To fully get rid of all the pet hair from surfaces, all you have to do is gather the hair using Analan's remover into a pile, and vacuum up the rest. The brush teeth on Analan's pet hair remover will inevitably become duller as time goes on, so thankfully the brand also sells extra blade packs on Amazon for as little as $8. To replace the blades, all you have to do is pry off the remover tool's shell and slide in a new brush layer.

One shopper who works in professional auto detailing called it an essential tool. "I've tried numerous pet hair removal tools and so far this one is the best one," they said. "It's versatile, easy to use, very professional-looking, sturdy and the customer service from the company is great!"

Another reviewer says the brush "actually takes less time to use than any Dustbuster or vacuum," adding, "I have used this in almost every application. After a few years of taking my dog to the vet, my car accumulated a lot of little dog hairs embedded in the carpet fibers of my car. Using the three different tooth sizes from large to small, it got the loose stuff up, and even the most embedded hairs. Even my couch is fur-free."

With more than 1,600 ratings plus a 4.6-star grade, Analan's pet hair remover is one of the most customer-loved options on Amazon. Grab it on sale for just $15, and if you want to save more, take advantage of Amazon's Subscribe and Save program on other pet essentials.

Buy It! Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover in midnight blue, $14.95 (orig. $19.95);

Buy It! Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover in dark green, $14.95 (orig. $19.95);

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