Finally, your furniture can catch a break

By Caroline Harris
November 25, 2020 06:11 PM
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Credit: Amazon

So, you got a new puppy. In the beginning, he was angelic, but now he chews your blankets, shoes, and anything else he can get his paws on. What’s a dog owner to do? Odds are, your puppy is probably just teething, or maybe he’s feeling stressed or bored. A quick fix is to divert your puppy’s attention away from your furniture and clothing and onto an exciting new toy. If you’re looking for a recommendation, Amazon shoppers have one.

Customers are raving about how the AMZpets Dog Rope Toys prevent their dogs from “destroying” their homes. The dog chew toys arrive in a pack of seven that contains two tug-of-war ropes, two cotton chewer ropes, and three cotton rope balls to keep your dog entertained (and, with any luck, away from your belongings). Because of the toys’ varied shapes and sizes, you can use them to roughhouse or play fetch. Plus, your purchase includes a convenient carry bag to keep them all in one place when not in use.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! AMZpets Dog Rope Toys, $19.99;

Made of durable cotton, the ropes are designed for dogs who love to chew and have a knack for ripping their toys to shreds in minutes. While it’s a stretch to call them indestructible, reviewers say they’re “pleasantly surprised” by how well the toys have held up under their “aggressive” pitbulls and teething labs. 

Over 1,200 Amazon shoppers have left these popular chew toys a five-star rating. Now that their dogs are no longer chewing on things they’re not supposed to, several note that they’re happier overall.

“Great toys for a bulldog and a bullmastiff who are masters of toy destruction,” a shopper said. “They can tug with each other, play fetch, argue about who gets which one, and simply chew without us having to worry about them demolishing the toys.”

A K9 officer who lives with a German shepherd, a heeler, a miniature dachshund, and a chiweenie loves that the “whole squad” can play with the seven-piece set at the same time. “We’ve had these toys for a couple weeks now, and have gotten more than our money’s worth of play out of them,” they wrote. “Surprisingly enough, not a single one of them has been trashed yet. The quality seems to be higher than that of most other rope toys, and the pups have thoroughly enjoyed the different shapes and sizes of this variety pack.”

At only $20, the AMZpets Dog Rope Toys are an affordable solution to your dog’s destructive chewing. 

Pick up the colorful variety pack before your dog gnaws on any more of your furniture.

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