Amy Tests the PetzOFF Blanket with Her Cats

The PetzOFF blanket is designed to keep pets off of your furniture and beds.

In some households, pets aren’t permitted on furniture. My house isn’t one of them. But when I had a cat-allergic friend come over to my pad recently, it got me thinking: could I keep them off the couch if I had to? I thought I’d try the PetzOFF throw, a blanket that is meant to deter your animals from jumping on couches or beds.

Here’s how it works: one side of the PetzOFF blanket is made of cloth, the other side is a sheet of polyester film – which looks and resembles aluminum foil. According to the makers, animal experts have confirmed that pets don’t like the sound or feel of aluminum foil. So, if you lay the blanket foil side up on furniture, in theory, the animal shouldn’t jump on it.

Well, every pet is different, and it seems that my kitties could care less about the look and feel of aluminum foil – turns out they actually like the feel and taste of the polyester film.

Do you think the PetzOFF blanket would keep your pet off your furniture? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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