Howie Mandel told PeopleTV's Reality Check that Cowell's dogs know how to flip and walk on their hind legs

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell has an eye for spotting excellence in humans, and, according to fellow AGT judge Howie Mandel, Cowell can sniff out talent in dogs too.

Mandel revealed on an episode of PeopleTV’s Reality Check that he thinks Cowell would make an excellent professional dog trainer during the show’s “Cast on Blast” segment.

When asked what Cowell’s hidden talent was, Mandel was quick to bring up the former American Idol judge’s dog training skills, remarking on how well Cowell has trained his own pups.

“When you go to his house, they do flips,” Mandel said of Cowell’s skilled canines. “They only walk on their hind legs all through the house. It’s like a circus! Simon’s Circus!”

It may come as no surprise to Cowell’s fans that the AGT judge is deeply devoted to his dogs. Cowell often supports animal welfare causes, including a 2018 donation to Humane Society International to help shutdown a South Korea dog meat farm.

Cowell was not the only AGT judge Mandel chatted about, he also revealed the secret talents of Howard Stern and Gabrielle Union.

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