American Sealyham Terrier Wins Best in Show at Crufts

Charmin the dog playfully lifts paw and charms judges.

An American Sealyham terrier named Charmin won England’s Crufts, what many consider the world’s most prestigious dog show, on Sunday Charmin, aged 4, charmed judges by playfully lifting his paw, and was best terrier at Westminster in 2008–only to lose Best in Show to the charismatic beagle Uno.

The breed was once popular in Hollywood with the likes of Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock, but now is is nearly extinct in England, where only 43 were registered last year. Charmin lives with his brother and owner-handler Margery Good of Goodspice Kennels in Cochranville, Pa. outside Philadelphia. She once told USAToday that Charmin was “squeezeably soft.” While he loves playing and getting dirty with her other dogs, he sticks close to mommy. “I’m his person,” she said.

The show was not broadcast this year after the BBC, the RPSCA and sponsor Pedigree all pulled out when the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposedshowed how breeding practices hurt the health of dogs.

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