We added a little video evidence to show why these canines deserve to be at the top of the pack


American Kennel Club, the official dog people of the United States, have announced the five most popular dog breeds from the past year.

On Monday, the AKC released the news during a press conference at its New York City headquarters. The club comes up with the list by looking at the number of registered dogs in each breed. Mixed breed dogs and hybrids are not included in AKC’s consideration.

But enough with the technical mumbo jumbo, read on to see which canines are leading the pack this year — videos qualifying each breed’s cuteness included.

5. Beagle

“The best barker in the bunch,” Gina DiNardo, vice president of the American Kennel Club, told ABC News about the beagle. “It’s a true hound dog, will follow his nose wherever he goes … they’re friendly, they get along great with kids, other dogs and they’re easy to groom.”

Peter Pan‘s Nana has nothing on this breed! Watch this canine babysitter at work.

4. Bulldog

With a face so squeezably cute that it already comes pre-squished, bulldogs are friendly and fiercely loyal dogs, who love to learn tricks and veg out with you on the couch. They will also protect you from evil villains, like dastardly water bottles, when necessary.

3. Golden Retriever

A family-favorite, this devoted and sweet-natured breed has been making appearances in the Top 5 list for years. They do have a way of sliding right into your heart.

2. German Shepherd

Loyal, smart, a good listener, willing to learn, sweet, protective: German shepherds have all the traits I am looking for in the elusive “ideal boyfriend.”

1. Labrador Retriever

Labs are America’s top dog, which isn’t too surprising. The breed has fetched the country’s favorite position for the past 25 years. So, what’s their secret?

“[Labs are] athletic, they’re easy to train,” DiNardo said. “People just love them [and] they’re great with families.”

They also look adorable when wet.

On the Rise: French Bulldogs

Popular with a certain Star Wars heroine and Hugh Jackman alike, this breed climbed from No. 9 to the No. 6 spot this year. Frenchies also nabbed the title of “Most Popular Dog in New York City” for the second year in a row, and they are now the leading breed in Miami and San Francisco as well.

Labs, you better watch out!