The singer, who was booted from the singing competition last week, can’t wait to be reunited with her dogs in Houston

By Cynthia Wang
Updated December 01, 2020 03:25 PM

Although Naples, Fla., native Paige Miles got eliminated from American Idol last week, she and fellow bootee Lacey Brown hope to get an apartment in L.A. soon to continue pursuing their musical dreams. Until then, the 24-year-old pre-school teacher can’t wait to get back home to Houston to see her dogs, and save some, too.

“I love dogs and I’m very involved in animal rescue,” Miles tells “Laila is a Newfoundland mix and a rescue I got two years ago. I have another Shih Tzu mix, or something-mix, we don’t really know – that I got a year ago, plus I have tons of dogs in and out so I always have a lot of dogs at home.”

While home in Houston, Miles spends weekends working with local Petco and PetSmart stores to hold adopt-a-thons for shelter animals that need to be adopted. “I also foster,” Miles says, “which means when we are at a kill space or just need to put a dog some place really quickly, I’ll just bring the dogs home and take care of them until we can find them permanent homes.” Miles also volunteers to clean shelters. “It’s a non-profit so everything we get is from donations and volunteer work,” she adds. “I just love dogs so whatever I can do to help, I’ll do.”

Miles says of the work of her fellow rescue volunteers, “We have so many stories. We have people who have taken in dogs that might otherwise have been put down. In Texas, the Humane Societies are kill shelters, whereas in Florida, they are no-kill, so it’s very sad to me. But there are great volunteers, especially in the Cypress, Texas, area who will drive miles and miles and hours and hours to rescue dogs.”

Needless to say, “I can’t wait to see my dogs,” Miles says. “I haven’t seen my dogs in months and they go crazy. I was like, ‘Mom, can I Skype the dogs?’ She was like, ‘well, if I can get them to stand still!’ ”