Delivery Driver for Amazon Steals Puppy; Owner Emails Jeff Bezos and Is Reunited with His Dog

The dog dad discovered his beloved 11-month-old black miniature schnauzer was missing from his home after an Amazon driver came into the house instead of leaving a delivery in a safe box up the driveway

Forget Waldo. Where’s Wilma?

According to BuzzfeedNews, Richard Guttfield, 51, who hails from Marsworth, England, discovered his beloved 11-month-old black miniature schnauzer was missing from his home after a driver delivering a package on behalf of Amazon came into the house instead of leaving the parcel in a safe box along the driveway. Ironically, the package contained the pup’s dog food.

Courtesy Richard Guttfield

Guttfield tells Buzzfeed that the driver had to walk through two unlocked doors in order to enter the home, eventually leaving the package on the porch — and allegedly taking the puppy.

Courtesy Richard Guttfield

Distraught over his missing pet, Guttfield posted about Wilma’s disappearance on Facebook, as well as posting her photos and other pertinent information on a U.K. lost dog website.

But the devoted dog dad didn’t stop there. Guttfield had the courage and perseverance to directly email Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, whose email address is public, pleading with the billionaire to investigate the matter.

Fortunately, one of Bezos’s employees was fielding that email account and saw the man’s message. The Amazon staff member, whose name is Rob, decided to try to track down both the driver and the dog. Rob spoke to the driver — who was an independent contractor with an independent delivery company and doesn’t work directly for Amazon — who claimed he didn’t “remember” the dog at Guttfield’s house. So, Rob took the matter a step further and checked out the driver’s own home, which is where he found Wilma. The dedicated Amazon employee then delivered the puppy straight back to her rightful owner.

In light of happy turn of events, Guttfield took to Facebook again to explain to concerned animal lovers exactly what happened, as well as to thank Rob.

“Rob at Amazon UK was simply wonderful, he didn’t listen to the driver when he said he didn’t remember the dog and he went to the driver’s home and found Wilma and brought her straight back,” writes Guttfield in the post. “Thanks Rob!” He also thanked many more friends and family for their support.

BuzzFeed reports that Amazon confirmed the incident and stated the driver’s delivery relationship with the company was terminated.

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“This is inexcusable and does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners — we take these matters seriously,” an Amazon rep said.

Guttfield also mentioned in his Facebook post that since his own dog has been returned, he has refocused his efforts on helping another missing pup named Sprocket. The Westie went missing over two weeks ago, and Wilma’s dad says he wants to pay his good fortune forward by helping to locate another person’s lost pet. He asks anyone who may’ve seen the little white dog to get in touch with him on Facebook. He recently posted an image of two missing French bulldogs, too.

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