August 24, 2010 03:07 AM

Most highway drivers end up with a bug or two stuck to their windshield. But one Australian man managed to get an entire koala bear wedged in the front of his car after a frightening collision west of Melbourne.

The incident occurred in March (photos were just released), as the driver navigated the Princes Highway at about 50 mph. Suddenly, he spotted a koala in the road. Though he immediately hit the brake pedal, he knew he’d struck the animal. Assuming it was dead, he got out to check the damage, only to find the koala bear completely unharmed – but wedged into the grille of his car.

The unidentified man slowly drove about 10 miles to the nearest emergency veterinarian – with the frightened koala still stuck to the car’s front – where he was met by Dr. Lisia Sturm.

“It had its bum wedged right in there, meaning it couldn’t get out,” she told Australia’s of the fuzzy creature. “It looked quite surprised, if koalas can look surprised. But … he didn’t have any injuries at all, not even a graze.”

After he was removed from the car with bolt cutters, the little guy (or “big boy,” as Dr. Sturm called him) spent a day at the office for observation, and was then released back into his natural habitat. We’re guessing he won’t be hanging out in the road anytime soon!

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