Blaine Zuckerman
February 13, 2015 12:00 PM

Amanda Seyfried is excited about her valentine this year. As a matter of fact, she’s been excited about the holiday ever since a puppy named Finn, now age 5, came into her life.

“Finn is always my valentine,” the actress tells PEOPLE.

“Finn looks at me when I talk to him. He just wants to be with me. That’s what everyone wants in a partner, right?

We’re sure she means no offense to her awesome human love interest, actor Justin Long.

Seyfried, 29, first took Finn under her care when a litter of puppies showed up on the set of Big Love. She planned to foster the pooch until she could find a suitable owner, preferably someone whose lifestyle was less chaotic than that of a working actor, but puppy love had other plans.

“I fell in love,” she says.

And the rest is history. Finn joined her family, which also includes cats Diane and Fran the elder, who is “like 75 years old and has one eye.”

The Ted 2 actress is unapologetic when she explains her affection for the four-legged.

“As selfish as it is to want something around you that loves you unconditionally, it’s the truth,” Seyfried says.

Her advocacy of rescuing dogs and cats is decidedly less selfish. Seyfried supports the Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit dedicated to pet adoption and the no-kill shelter movement. After falling in love with Finn, the star hopes others will seek out a meaningful relationship with an adoptable animal.

And now is the perfect time to find your furry friend. The Best Friends Animal Society and No More Homeless Pets Network is offering $10 animal adoptions on Valentine’s Day weekend, so you can have the purr-fect holiday date.

Seyfried is also working on roping her famous friends into animal advocacy.

“I told Seth [MacFarlane] that if Ted 2 does really well, he has to build the biggest animal sanctuary in the world,” she says.

Did he agree?

“I think he’s actually going to do it.”

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