These celebrity rescue pet owners love their pets so much they are breaking into song at the sight of them

By Kelli Bender
February 14, 2018 03:23 PM

Nat King Cole got pretty close to putting the feelings of warmth, adoration and excitement into song when he crooned “L-O-V-E,” making it the perfect choice for these celebrity rescue pet owners looking for a way to express their devotion on Valentine’s Day.

The celebrities belting throughout this clip (Amanda Seyfried, Selma Blair, Josh Gad, Mayim Bialik, Jamie Chung and Natalie Morales) with their adopted furry friends are singing together in support of Best Friends Animal Society.

By making this choice, these stars pledged to show their pets affection and care for their entire lives, and these rescues, like Seyfried’s beloved pooch Finn, make it easy for their owners to keep this promise.

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Best Friends Animal Society hopes that seeing the amazing, and sometimes musical, bond you can form with a rescue animal encourages people looking to adopt to choose one of the thousands of homeless pets hoping to find a forever home this Valentine’s Day.