Between fostering, being a mom and working on new projects, Seyfried still finds time to help animals alongside her dog Finn

By Kelli Bender
September 14, 2017 09:31 AM
Credit: Courtesy Best Friends Los Angeles

Kittens, they grow up so fast.

The couple recently took in a litter of kittens and their mom from Best Friends Animal Society and are caring for the furry crew until the little ones are old enough to be adopted. Seyfried, 31, can’t help but notice a similarity between her own life and that of the mother cat she is looking after.

“It’s such a truncated version of what I’ve gone through with my daughter,” she told PEOPLE about the bittersweet process of watching the kittens’ progress so far. “They grow up so fast.”

While watching the adorable kittens get big fast can be hard, she is amazed by the mom cat, who she described as a “natural” and is pleased to know that by fostering this litter, she and Sadoski are making room in the shelter for other needy animals.

Before the kittens and her own baby, Seyfried honed her maternal instincts with her rescue dog Finn.

“If I could, I would have him everywhere I go, he mostly is everywhere I go,” the actress said about the role her dog, who often makes an appearance on her Instagram, plays in her day-to-day life.

It has gotten to the point that when fans spot Seyfried on the street without Finn “they ask where he is.”

All of this is going to make an upcoming trip to Europe especially difficult.

“I am going to be away from Finn for six weeks. I have only done it once before,” Seyfried said, concerned over what it will be like to spend so much time apart from her furry other half.

Before her departure, Seyfried is fitting in plenty of quality time with Finn, which includes promoting Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt, an annual charity dog walk that travels to 14 different cities. For dog owners who can’t make one of the events, there is also Strut Your Mutt Day on October 28 — a way for everyone across the nation to celebrate.

“This was one of the first things we got to do together to help animals,” said Seyfried on why the event is important to her and Finn. “Strut Your Mutt is like a holiday for us.”

Strut Your Mutt, which Seyfried also calls “heaven on Earth,” invites all dog owners and animal lovers to walk among hundreds of dogs to help raise money for Best Friends or one of the hundreds of other animals rescues, charities and shelters that also support the event.

“Getting pets and their people together to celebrate and raise money — it’s a good event and it’s really positive,” Seyfried said.

To learn more about Strut Your Mutt Day and to sign up for an event in your area, click here.