Amanda Seyfried Shares the 'Good Advice' She Used When Introducing Her Dog Finn to Her Baby Girl

Seyfried told PEOPLE her dog and her daughter are getting along and learning to be gentle with one another

Long before she became a mom to her baby girl with husband Thomas Sadoski, Amanda Seyfried was a pet parent.

The Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star adopted her beloved dog Finn from Best Friends Animal Society. The pair have been an “it couple” in the pet world, working to raise awareness about all the shelter animals in need of loving homes.

The 8-year-old rescue pooch and his famous mom, 32, have done so much good for animals in need that Seyfried was recently recognized at the Best Friends Animal Society’s 3rd Annual New York City Gala to Save Them All. The actress received the save them all spotlight award at the Gala on Tuesday in recognition of her work toward making America no-kill across all its animal shelters by 2025.

Best Friends Animal Society's 3rd Annual New York City Gala
Ben Gabbe/Getty

“He’s sad he couldn’t be here tonight but I didn’t think it was a good idea to drag him across the country just for one evening,” Seyfried told PEOPLE at the event about why her canine companion wasn’t by her side to accept award.

Finn was back at home on the west coast for the big night hanging out with his new baby sister. Seyfried, who welcomed her first child in March 2017, said that her daughter and Finn get along great now, but that “it’s definitely a little stressful introducing a baby into this relationship, this dynamic, that I have with him.”

To make this transition as easy as possible for the entire family, the actress followed some “really good advice” she got from a friend.

“You just take the hat home from the hospital, the one that they put on the baby after it’s born, and then you bring the hat home for like a day or two before the baby comes home and you just leave it by the dog and let him sniff it,” Seyfried said of the tip. “It was the best we could do. It was hard. It’s an interesting transition for everybody but it worked.”

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Now, over a year after Seyfried brought that hat, and the little girl who wore it, home, the entire Sadoski-Seyfried family is comfortable with one another and getting closer every day.

“He still won’t play with her, which is absolutely fine because he’s big and she’s tiny,” Seyfried said of Finn and her daughter’s relationship. “We taught her ‘gentle’ since she was born and she always goes over and pats him, and she looks over at us, and pats him more. And he lets her and sometimes he rolls over.”

3rd Annual Best Friends Animal Society New York City Gala
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

It’s these literal baby steps toward forming a bond that Seyfried is working towards teaching her child.

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“If you teach children to be gentle with these animals, they’re not going to feel so protective and intimidated. Because it’s something that is unpredictable, so it’s a good way to have a safe give and take.”

Seyfried’s little girl will likely be around plenty of animals as she grows up, since here mom, who was “humbled” by the recent honor, said she spends a lot of time advocating for pets in need.

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