Cerny welcomed Falco the Dalmatian into her home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and has already created an Instagram for the pup

By Kelli Bender
November 05, 2020 02:45 PM
Credit: Kate Moore

Amanda Cerny has been keeping busy.

The actress, model, and social media star, who has over 25 million Instagram followers, recently starred in Netflix's The Babysitter: Killer Queen and just started the podcast Feels Good, with Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez, which focuses on "positive global news, fun facts, weekly personal stories, cash prizes, and life lessons that whenever you tune in, simply just feels good!" Cerny, 29, told PEOPLE. New episodes of the podcast come out every Tuesday on Spotify, Apple, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

And, if that isn't enough, Cerny is also training for her first full marathon with her boyfriend, trainer Johannes Bartl, keeping all of her popular social media accounts filled with fresh content, and writing a script for a new comedy film.

But perhaps the most important thing Cerny has been up to lately is enjoying the role of dog mom. She recently welcomed a Dalmatian puppy into her life and celebrated the dog's arrival with a sweet photoshoot, shot by Kate Moore and styled by Cara Gordon, and gave PEOPLE an exclusive peek at the adorable results.

Cerny's photoshoot costar and new furry family member is named Falco, and, of course, he already has his own Instagram @FalcotheFlirt. Cerny and her boyfriend decided to get Falco after realizing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic how deeply they wanted a pet.

Credit: Kate Moore

"This pandemic made me realize that we can create excuses and push things back our entire lives while every day is a blessing and tomorrow is never promised. So if we want something deeply ... go get it!" Cerny shared.

While the actress grew up with a beloved black Lab named Zeus, she decided to get a Dalmatian based on another experience with a past pet.

"When I was little we had a Dalmatian for a year but had to give him back to his family because we were moving a lot and the dog kept biting my sister. I was traumatized!" Cerny said.  "Every night I would pray Digs would come home. So I always swore that once I had the means to get a dog and take care of it, it would be a Dalmatian and I would love and take care of him no matter what."

Credit: Kate Moore

To stay true to her word, Cerny is "putting a ton of effort into training" Falco and is making a point of taking him on her adventures. Falco already knows five tricks and is potty trained. Along with being smart and energetic, Cerny said that the pup "is an absolute sweetheart and always wants to cuddle."

"I honestly love the cuddles the most. He’s my buddy and has never been away from me yet," she added.

Falco has a "mischievous" side where he will "sneak and commit puppy crimes for attention" but is learning that there are better ways to get what he wants.  When he isn't cuddling or making new friends, Falco enjoys swimming, playing with his toys, and sleeping.

Credit: Kate Moore

"I’m looking forward to watching him grow and enjoy his life to the fullest," Cerny said of the bond she already feels with the 3-month-old puppy. "My favorite part has been watching him experience things for the first time. It's so humbling.  Like his first time stepping in the grass and looking up at big trees as he gallops around with excitement for it all. He sees the value and pleasure in the things we can take for granted."

Cerny, who has always found joy in watching dog videos online, is looking forward to capturing Falco's firsts on his Instagram account and sharing his sweetness with all of her followers.

"His puppy cuteness and positive energy need to be shared with the world, especially nowadays," Falco's mom said of the dog's Instagram account, which already features dozens of posts of the adorable dog, including his part in Cerny's 101 Dalmatians Halloween costume.