After being retrieved from the roadway, the reptile was transported to and released into a nearby body of water, several outlets reported Wednesday

By Jen Juneau
April 29, 2021 04:57 PM

Drivers in Houston might've been in for a wild surprise if they were traveling along Highway 146 around lunchtime on Wednesday.

An 8-ft. alligator caused a delay in traffic after wandering onto a shoulder of the roadway — specifically, along the Fred Hartman Bridge portion — which caused blockages in at least one lane, according to KVIA ABC-7.

A heart-stopping video of the encounter between law enforcement and the gator, shared by the station, showed several police officers and what appeared to be an animal-control official restraining the creature to move it to a safer area.

Shared by ABC News, another clip chronicled the process of subduing the large reptile, during which it thrashed and rolled many times before the team was able to restrain it with rope and place it into the bed of a truck.

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Later in ABC News' clip, the officers and animal-control specialist could be seen untying the gator and releasing it near a body of water.

According to ABC affiliate KTRK, the waterway was located right underneath the bridge, and was "a small tributary connecting with the ship channel."

The incident came hours after a cow caused a delay in traffic nearby, along Interstate 10 in east Houston. That event occurred during rush hour, around 8 a.m., ABC News reports.

Alligator blocks traffic on Houston bridge
Alligator blocks traffic on Houston bridge
| Credit: KVIA-ABC7

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And while a "pedestrian [was] trying to rope the cow" initially, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, it was eventually claimed by its owner after having wandered away from its farm.

It took authorities about 20 minutes to get the cow corralled to a cemetery nearby, where its owner was able to retrieve it, KTRK reports.

Gonzalez tweeted following the incident, "Great work by our Livestock Team. Cow was rescued, no harm. Owner was on scene. All lanes open."