November 14, 2017 04:43 PM

On Saturday, 8-year-old Easton Lowery lost his “best friend,” a loyal dog named Beignet.

“I could hardly stop thinking about it right after it happened. I was pouring down tears,” the boy told WCJB.

The 2-year-old canine was attacked and killed by a wild alligator near Lowery’s home in Gainesville, Florida. The tragic event occurred while Lowery, his mom Scarlett Dent and their two dogs, Beignet and Blue, were playing outside.

Lowery and his mom were throwing sticks into the water for the dogs to retrieve, when a gator suddenly surfaced nearby.

Unfortunately, Beignet was in the water when the reptile appeared. The alligator swiftly bit down on the dog. Dent, at a loss for what to do, entered the water and tried to pull the dog from the gator’s jaw, but she was no match for the animal’s grip.

“He looked at me and he went under, and I never saw him again,” Dent said of Beignet’s final moment.

Dent and Lowery are distraught over the loss of Beignet, but also grateful that the alligator did not attempt to attack one of them as well. The family is using this heartbreaking loss as an opportunity to warn and protect neighbors, urging locals to stay away from the water and watch their pets while outside.

Hopefully, their message prevents further alligator attacks.


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