Alison Eastwood Saves Exotics in 'Animal Intervention'

The actress and animal advocate relocates animals living in peril on her new National Geographic show

If she could, Alison Eastwood would take in every animal in need – even tigers.

“I can’t because I live in a little house,” she tells PEOPLE. “And I don’t think my neighbors would like me too much.”

Bringing home animals may be an occupational hazard for the actress and animal advocate (also the daughter of Clint Eastwood), who cohosts National Geographic’s Animal Intervention, a new series that takes her to roadside zoos and magic shows where captive animals are living in peril and need rescuing.

In each episode, Eastwood and animal expert Donald Schultz try to convince overwhelmed or incapable owners to relinquish their lions, bears or bobcats to sanctuaries where they’ll live fuller lives.

As Eastwood and Schultz cross the country exploring the strange world of exotic animal ownership, they are confronted with the truly bizarre: like Sara Jo, a monkey with breasts like a human, who they meet in the second episode.

“[It was] a Jayne Mansfield-looking monkey,” she jokes.

Play the clip below to hear more about Animal Intervention, airing Tuesdays at 9pm ET on National Geographic Channel.

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