Aldi Launching Gear Collection Featuring Fan Favorite Products as Plush, Adorable Dog Toys

Aldi's first-ever branded gear collection will feature dog toy versions of fan-favorite Aldi products, like the grocery store chain's red bag chicken and bottled mimosas

Aldi products for dogs
Photo: Aldi

Aldi-obsessed pet owners, this new capsule collection from the supermarket chain is for you.

According to a recent release from Aldi, for the first time ever, the grocery store chain is preparing to launch a new Aldi Gear capsule collection, filled with affordable, fun merchandise inspired by what Aldi fans love to buy.

The selection of Aldi Finds in the collection, including branded hydration bottles, socks, slides, keychain coin holders, and pajama sets, will only be available for a limited time starting April 20.

Aldi has something for pets too. The upcoming capsule collection will also feature dog toys designed to look like some of Aldi's most popular products. The Aldi fan-favorite pet toys are plush and crafted with canines in mind and feature touches that humans who love Aldi will enjoy.

Dog toy versions of avocado toast, kettle chips, bottled mimosas, red bag chicken, and more are all part of the collection, which also includes an Aldi grocery list dog toy.

Aldi products for dogs

These pooch products, along with the Aldi merchandise made for humans, will be available in Aldi stores nationwide starting April 20. The Aldi gear will only be available while the supplies last, so keep an eye out for you and your pup.

Aldi, headquartered in Germany, is growing its presence in the United States. The grocery store chain announced in early 2021 that it planned to open 100 new stores in the U.S. that year.

Aldi — known for its low prices, wide aisles, and no-nonsense checkout — currently boasts more than 2,000 stores in 37 states, having opened its first U.S. store in Iowa in 1976.

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