December 05, 2017 03:15 PM

We’ve heard of teacher’s pets before, but this story is truly one for the yearbooks.

Mr. Rogers, a history teacher at Clements High School in Limestone County, Alabama, was feeling the blues until a group of students stepped up to brighten his holiday season. According to a Facebook post Troy Rogers wrote, his 11-year-old, blind Golden Retriever Chip had wandered away and he “missed him terribly.” There had been an exhaustive search for the old pup, but he was not found.

“I was just heartbroken,” the teacher told WHNT News 19. “We don’t have any children of our own. I just missed him so bad and I was wondering, ‘Is he out there suffering?’ ”

So, you can imagine Rogers’ shock when his students — aided by a few teacher friends and Mr. Rogers’ wife — surprised the history buff and dog lover with a sweet, 8-week-old Golden Retriever. They named the pup “Clementine,” after the school’s mascot.

“I love these kids. There are no words. I have offered to pay for the puppy, as I had no idea the kids were doing this. I would never have allowed such a thing,” wrote Mr. Rogers in his giddy Facebook post. “I will consequently be adding the estimated cost of the puppy to the senior fund, out of my pocket … I’m completely floored and blindsided by their kindness.”

Unbeknownst to the teacher, his students banded together and collected hundreds of dollars to surprise Rogers at school with the AKC-bred puppy.

“He does so much for his students, like we’re his own,” Haleigh Moss, a Clements High School senior, told WHNT. “So we wanted to do something special for him.”

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Another senior, Miranda Ezell said, “When I saw his face I teared up instantly, because I have never felt something so good like that. Just knowing that he’s happy now.”

The feeling and admiration between the teacher and his students is apparent.

“I never underestimate how good teenagers are,” said Rogers. “I inherently believe in our youth. But this just floored my wife and me … I think adults can learn a lot from kids because they genuinely want to do good for others. They want to feel valued. They want to be contributors.”

After 20 years teaching, Rogers said the puppy surprise was the most memorable moment of his career, and he plans to bring home a furry sibling for Clementine one day soon.

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