July 05, 2016 05:43 PM


Sandy the kitten knocked on the right door.

The 8-day-old kitten, whose eyes hadn’t even opened yet, showed up one day on the Alabama doorstep of dog owner Nic Richelle, according to WHNT News, and it’s a lucky thing she did. The pit bull terrier who lives there jumped at the chance to be her surrogate mother.

“When we all kinda got relaxed, she kinda rolled over to her side and began to nurse her,” Richelle said of Nikki the dog, who is going through a false pregnancy, a common condition in which dogs lactate without producing any puppies.

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Richelle told WHNT, “It’s teamwork.  She feeds the kitten and cleans her and I help her with everything else.”

Though the two couldn’t be more different, their bond is clear and that’s why Richelle has decided to keep the cat.

“When I noticed this bond that Nikki and the kitten began to develop, I’m kinda curious to see how it will unfold,” she said.

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