Bark for Art: A Museum All About Dogs Is Coming to N.Y.C. in February

The museum will feature one of the largest collections of canine fine art

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Photo: David Woo/AKC

Paintings of pooches, sculptures of canines, Fido figurines: these are the masterpieces that fill The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog.

This house of canine fine art is set to reopen in New York City on Feb. 8, after 32 years away from the Big Apple. First founded in 1982, the AKC Museum of the Dog is devoted “to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of the art, artifacts and literature of the dog for the purposes of education, historical perspective, aesthetic enjoyment and to enhance the appreciation for and knowledge of the significance of the dog and the human/canine relationship,” according to the AKC.

The museum initially opened in N.Y.C.’s New York Life Building, but relocated to West St. Louis Country, Missouri, in 1987. Now the hot spot for dog lovers is returning home.

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David Woo/AKC

This new iteration of the AKC Museum of the Dog will be located at 101 Park Ave. in New York City. Like before, the museum will feature rooms filled with rare, pooch-related art and a library where guests can read up on the breeds that make up their own pets. But there will also be new features.

Museum of Dog 122618
David Woo/AKC

The museum will now boast more interactive digital exhibits, including “Find Your Match,” a kiosk that takes your photo and puts it side-by-side with the dog breed that looks the most like you.

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“It is exciting to bring this collection back to New York City,” Alan Fausel, Executive Director of the AKC Museum of the Dog, said in a statement. “This Museum is a beautiful ode to man’s best friend and we are thrilled to bring these pieces and exhibitions to new audiences.”

For those who think all art could use a few more “arfs,” visit the museum starting Feb. 8.

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