The star has fallen hard for the new lady in his life: a dog named Chicken

By Amy Jamieson
April 18, 2017 02:18 PM
Credit: Adrien Brody/Instagram

Sometimes you and your Instagram feed just need some time apart.

That appears to be what happened to actor Adrien Brody, who took a break from the photo sharing site recently and is now focusing his feed on what’s really important: dogs.

“Sorry, I’ve been hiding. Let’s have some fun,” says the bio at the top of his Instagram page, which for the past five weeks has been flooded with furry snaps.

This newfound doggie devotion began with a post eight weeks ago, that said: “Friends, forgive me for my absence. Saw the double [rainbow emoji] today and it reminded me of you. After the storm comes the light.”

That light must have shone brightly on his love of dogs, since the very next post was of the most perfect French bulldog you’ve ever seen sitting in the grass, with a caption that said, “Ah, the little things …”

The Peaky Blinders star, 44, then brought a new dog into the picture and asked his followers to name her: “Playtime with #dogwithnoname #namethisdog #itsagirl,” he wrote.

He eventually settled on Chicken: “This was so fun, thank you for all the sweet and creative suggestions,” he said. The past few weeks thereafter have been the ultimate puppy honeymoon (sorry, cat-lovers, not much for you here).

The steady flow of canine photography and videos demand your attention — especially a slow-mo video of “Chickenzilla” the puppy playing hard with another canine friend (ROAR!) and a special Easter greeting, in which the actor thoroughly demonstrates how to scratch that itch on a dog’s ear (seriously, the guy has skills).

It’s all proof that taking the time to refocus your camera on cuteness can be beneficial to everyone involved.