This marsupial knows all of its best Instagram angles

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 04, 2015 11:00 PM

Australia is home to more deadly snake species than any other country in the world, but not everything in the outback is out to kill you. The quokka is just hungry for a photo or two.

This cat-sized marsupial is becoming Australia’s unofficial goodwill ambassador, thanks to a surge in quokka selfies. Instead of running from tourists and their cameras, these animals appear to revel in the chance to take photos with their new human friends.

Like a sophomore sorority sister, quokkas know all of their best angles and have mastered Tyra Banks’s signature “smize.”

Now that folks are figuring out the marsupials’ fondness for photography, quokka selfies are becoming the new unbearably cute social trend. Sorry, Tinder tiger guys.

While Australia is a long way to travel for an Instagram picture, somehow these critters make the trip seem worthwhile. Until you have time to clear out your schedule for a 24-hour plane flight, live vicariously through these #blessed photos. //