December 07, 2009 06:59 PM

Are you thinking about adopting a rescue dog? Well, you better be prepared to have your furry friend sleep next to you at night. That’s a tip from Kim Saunders’, the author of the new book, The Adopted Dog Bible. Saunders’, the co-founder of, says that as pack animals, dogs need to sleep at least in the same room with you–if not in your bed. “An adopted dog in particular needs to feel loved and included right from the start,” she writes, “which is a message she may not get if she is forced to be away from you all night long.”

Saunders’ book walks you through the entire adoption process, from selecting the right shelter dog to details on how to train, feed and care for your new friend. She also helps dog parents understand why shelter dogs may be afraid of some situations and sounds and how to train them out of their bad habits.

Although the book is geared towards rescue dogs, Saunders includes a ton of practical information that would help any dog parent. It shows you everything from how to make an emergency muzzle (let’s hope you never need that one) to which breeds are inclined to certain diseases. With many sweet rescue stories and pictures the Adopted Dog Bible ($15.63) fun, easy to read and will surely help lots of dogs settle into their new homes – and beds!

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