The puppies featured in this precious video are available for adoption and/or fostering through Mission Bay Puppy Rescue


Shark Week is over, but these pups still want a bite of the action.

A group of adoptable puppies recently took a field trip to SeaWorld SanDiego as part of the park's partnership with Misson Bay Puppy Rescue and Pups N Boots. Many of the canines showed up to SeaWorld San Diego's Shark Encounter exhibit in costume, donning fins on their backs to blend in with the locals.

During their adventure at the park, the puppies met 164 different sharks and raised awareness for Misson Bay Puppy Rescue and Pups N Boots — two animal rescue organizations dedicated to helping precious pets like these dogs find their ideal forever homes.

Pups N Boots is a small non-profit dedicated to rescuing mother dogs and their puppies and motherless litters from unsafe conditions. After saving the animals, the rescue organization provides any medical treatment needed and finds home for their rehabbed furry friends. Mission Bay Puppy Rescue helps Pups N Boots save and rehome puppies in need. SeaWorld San Diego's work with both these groups is part of SeaWorld's ongoing commitment to rescuing not just marine animals, but land-dwellers too.

To learn more about adopting or fostering the sweet, little faux sharks in this video, visit Mission Bay Puppy Rescue.