Adoptable Ohio Cat Missing an Eye and a Nostril Named Eggbert Charms the Internet

Less than a day after sharing Eggbert the rescue cat on social media, the Fairfield Area Humane Society updated their Facebook post to say that the feline's adoption is now "pending"

Eggbert the cat
Photo: Fairfield Area Humane Society

Eggbert's unique features have made the cat a star.

On Wednesday, the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, posted on Facebook about their notable resident Eggbert, hoping to find the feline a home.

"Talk about a head-turner! Meet Eggbert! Eggbert is a 2-year-old absolute angel of a kitty. He was born missing an eye and a nostril, but aside from snoring like a chainsaw, it doesn't slow him down a bit!" the Ohio shelter wrote about the tabby cat.

Along with sharing information about the cat's adorable appearance, the Fairfield Area Humane Society included details about the pet's personality in its social media adoption listing.

"He is a total lovebug and gets along well with other cats, dogs, and kids. He loves to give headbutts, have his chin scratched, and follow you around like a baby duck," the shelter added.

According to Fairfield Area Humane Society, Eggbert may have one serious health issue, but that hasn't stopped the feline from thriving.

"Eggbert's previous family noted that while with them, he had occasional seizures. He has not had seizures while in our care but we will work closely with his adopter to continue monitoring him and treating for epilepsy if needed," the Fairfield Area Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

"If epilepsy is diagnosed, his adopter should be ready and willing to give medication and do routine bloodwork as recommended by their veterinarian. He has had a full workup with our veterinarian which didn't reveal any direct cause for seizure activity, but does not rule it out," the rescue added.

Eggbert's adoption post attracted lots of attention on Facebook, with numerous animal lovers commenting on the cat's cuteness.

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"He is a handsome boy!" one commenter wrote, while another called the pet "gorgeous."

The commenters weren't alone in seeing all the sweetness Eggbert has to offer. Less than a day after Fairfield Area Humane Society shared their Eggbert news on social media, the shelter updated the post to let the feline's fans know that his adoption is now "pending."

To learn more about Eggbert and meet other pets up for adoption, visit the Fairfield Area Humane Society's website.

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