Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society
April 30, 2017 10:00 AM

Every pet deserves a warm bed and an even warmer hug.

Unfortunately, there are countless pets in this world that are homeless and yearning to make a human’s life better. Shelter and rescues like Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no-kill animal organization in the country, help many of these cats, dogs and other critters find that forever home, providing them with the medical care, attention and diets they need until that happens.

This magical moment of “finding their human” occurs at different times for every pet. Some are only in the shelter for one day, but others are left to patiently wait for months, sometimes even years.

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Pet Day we want to highlight four superb canines that have been living with Best Friends for more than one year, hoping to find their forever. Maybe their wait is almost over.


Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

“Handsome Duke is looking for a kingdom to reign over. This noble shepherd/Chow Chow mix is well-mannered and super smart. Duke likes to spend his time running around, playing, hoping for ear scratches and napping in his very own fashion: upside down, feet straight up to the sky. Duke is great with most other dogs and such a sweetie. He’d be a fabulous companion for any big dog lover,” gushed his current caretakers. 

If you think this active gentleman is for you, contact Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles at (818) 643-3989. 


Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends says, “Pretty Nina is a fun, active gal and the perfect exercise pal. She loves long walks, hikes and play time in the yard. Nina adores people and can play nicely with most other large dogs, too. She was recently in a foster home and was described as: ‘An absolute star! Nina’s an energetic, affectionate 75-pound lap dog.’ This special girl is so ready to be your best friend.” 

To learn more about this large lap dog, contact Best Friends Animal Society – Los Angeles at (818) 643-3989. 


Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends describes 2-year-old Tyler as a young, lovable retriever mix that is smart, playful and super active. And he’s a smarty-pants who already knows sit, down and give paw! He has been in an amazing foster home with a trainer who is teaching him extra manners and commands so he can be your ideal companion. Tyler loves learning new things and going for long walks in the park. Tyler is a typical busy-body teenager and is looking for someone who shares his zest for life and is happy to help him work on his training. He loves other dogs but can be a little too wacky and wild for some.

If Tyler sounds like a perfect fit for your home, contact Best Friends Animal Society – New York (347) 762-3678.


Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

Churchill is a man of simple pleasures. This American bulldog mix just wants your love, some yummy treats and the occasional belly rub. Churchill takes a little extra time to warm up to new people, but with some extra TLC and patience (and treats!) he’ll be your bro, too. He’s got the most ridiculous and adorable underbite that makes him look like a character from Lord of the Rings. And he has the sweetest brown eyes. Churchill has also decided that he’s all the dog that anybody should really need and prefers to be the only dog in his home.

To become Churchill’s human, contact Best Friends Animal Society – New York (347) 762-3678.

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