The young French bulldog needs a second surgery following a car accident in New York
Credit: SPCA of Westchester

As you can see from his cast, Nacho has a whale of a tale to tell — but, sadly, it’s a tough one.

The adorable French bulldog ran into the street in Yonkers, New York, and was hit by a car, leaving him with a severe left leg injury and a dislocated right hip joint.

But here’s the real heart-breaker: because his family couldn’t afford the surgery he needed, they brought him to a local animal hospital to have him euthanized.

Thankfully, the animal hospital reached out to the SPCA of Westchester and asked the organization to take in the young dog.

Staffers said yes, and the hospital successfully performed the pup’s first leg surgery. The SPCA will soon take on the responsibility of fixing his hip, too, and is hoping to receive donations to cover that surgery (to contribute, click here).

The frown in this photo is deceiving, though, because Nacho is really a sweet, affectionate guy who would brighten up a new home.

“He is a total mush with people, he just wants to sit on your lap and be by your side,” says shelter spokeswoman Lisa Bonanno-Spence. “He seems great with kids too! His little nub tail is always wagging — it’s adorable! Of course right now he is very calm but we have a feeling once he’s up and going he will be a little spitfire!”

While he currently wobbles around on that cast, after he recuperates from surgery the hope is that Nacho will run into the arms of that forever someone.

If you’re interested in adopting him, contact the SPCA of Westchester.