The pooch loves people and "bunny hopping around the house" with her purple dinosaur

By Amy Jamieson
May 12, 2017 03:30 PM
Credit: Courtesy See Spot Rescued

Home: Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an adoptable pet every week. Today, meet Amber, a 3-year-old “mush,” who has been in the care of New Jersey’s See Spot Rescued since last July.

The pooch, also known as Amber Tamblyn, is 46 lbs. of puppy love, and she wants nothing more than to people-watch and hang out with loved ones.

“Ms. Tamblyn is a smart girl who already knows sit, stay, down, and she’ll do pretty much anything you ask if you give her a Kong with peanut butter inside,” her bio reads. “And did we mention that she’s housebroken? Cutie patootie Amber is great with other dogs her size or bigger — she’s being fostered with a large four-legged brother, and they’re good buds.”

What Amber needs is a forever home without small dogs or cats, plus lots of love and plenty of time to kick back with her toys.

Credit: Courtesy See Spot Rescued

“Amber’s totally fine to amuse herself with a toy and enjoys bunny hopping around the house with her purple dinosaur in tow — it is ADORABLE,” her bio reads (note her purple dino in the pic above!). “Goofball Amber will sometimes pancake herself and crawl under her foster parents’ bed to hang out and snooze.”

Microchipped, vaccinated and spayed, Amber is ready to roll into a comfortable home, where she can do her “mightiest nose to toes stretch” whenever she wants.

“The love she gives is definitely one size fits all,” the rescue’s bio says.

If you’re interested in this sweet girl, email for an adoption application.

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Adopting a pet is an amazing experience – and a big decision! Before bringing a pet into your home, it’s important to consider your family circumstances and do your research.