June 30, 2017 11:21 AM

Home: Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an adoptable pet every week. Today, in honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat month, meet Scotch, a feline available for adoption through Mary’s Kitty Korner of Granby, Connecticut.

This kitty was a gift, of sorts, that showed up on the porch of a rescuer named Kris Jandreau on Christmas Day 2016, when she was feeding some feral cats. She earned her name for the empty roll of packing tape that was stuck around her neck.

A vet would later determine that Scotch wasn’t microchipped and that another gift was on the way: a litter of kittens. The pregnant feline was subsequently taken in by Chelsea Hyatt, a foster mom for Mary’s Kitty Korner, who prepped for the impending arrival.

Sadly, on April 8, Scotch suffered two miscarriages of undeveloped kittens and later an emergency C-section was deemed necessary to her survival.

Courtesy Chelsea Hyatt

“They pulled out 5 kittens. One had already passed, and two of the four survivors were struggling, but, thanks to the staff, pulled through,” Hyatt tells PEOPLE. “Scotch’s kittens, two boys and two girls, grew fast and Scotch was an excellent and attentive mother. Once they were big enough to play it became obvious that Scotch was just an overgrown kitten herself.”

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Scotch, who is around 1-year-old, said goodbye to her babies on June 17 — they were all adopted into loving homes — and now it’s her turn to find forever.

“Scotch would love a home with someone, or many someones, who have lots of time to spend with her,” Hyatt says. “She really loves having people around and always wants to be close by, or in your lap. She is a delightful combination of interactive, and quietly companionable. She’s happy running around playing, AND she’s also happy sitting quietly with you while you read a book. Her favorite game right now is chasing balls. She loves when we throw one down the hallway so she can go scrambling after it.”

If you think this young lady is the companion for you, contact Mary’s Kitty Korner at 860-379-4141 or email marys.kitty.korner@sbcglobal.net.

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Adopting a pet is an amazing experience – and a big decision! Before bringing a pet into your home, it’s important to consider your family circumstances and do your research.

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