"Ivan loves life," a shelter spokesman says of the feline, who was recently surrendered by his previous owner
Credit: MSPCA-Angell

A home for Ivan is out there, he just hasn’t found it yet.

That’s the sad reality for this 10-month-old cat who can’t walk due to malformed legs.

According to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in the two weeks that he’s been at the Boston shelter, Ivan hasn’t received a single adoption inquiry despite a steady flow of potential adopters.

Unfortunately, the cat’s physical challenges are an obstacle in finding forever. Born without radial bones in his front legs — which are also missing two toes on each paw — and a deformed left hind leg, the cat army crawls his way around since walking isn’t possible. Because of this lack of mobility, he can’t always make it to the litter box, which is a tough pill for many pet people to swallow.

But, as you can see from the photo, and the shelter staffers see every day, Ivan, who was recently surrendered by his previous owner, has so much to offer a new owner.

“Despite his physical limitations — which are significant — Ivan loves life,” shelter spokesman Rob Halpin tells PEOPLE. “He head-butts everyone he sees and adores chin scratches. That, combined with an irresistible ‘kitten face,’ makes us confident the right adopter is out there. We just need that person to step forward.”

Credit: MSPCA-Angell

A home with easy-to-clean hard surfaces and carpets that allow him to move more easily is what the shelter recommends for Ivan. Since they believe finding that unique home could take time, Ivan is living in a private office versus a cage for now.

If you’re interested in meeting Ivan, email adoption@mspca.org for more information.