May 22, 2015 06:00 PM

Home. Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an extraordinary adoptable pet every week. Today, meet Elvis, an adorable orange tabby who is currently being cared for by Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (HOPE) in Wilton, New York.

One-year-old Elvis had a rough start in life. He came to HOPE at just 4-months-old after he was abandoned by his first owner. The heartless owner left only a big bag of dry food for the cat for weeks at a time and in turn Elvis had to fend for himself in desperate conditions.

“Even after this, he remains a big, loving, people-friendly cat,” reads his bio.

Perhaps the ordeal made this cat super thankful for the TLC he receives from people at the rescue. “This boy just loves attention, can’t get enough petting and likes to head butt you for more love,” his bio says.

If you think you can provide the love Elvis craves, contact the rescue at 518-428-2994.

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Adopting a pet is an amazing experience – and a big decision! Before bringing a pet into your home, it’s important to consider your family circumstances and do your research.

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