May 03, 2012 09:00 PM

Home. Some cats and dogs never have one to call their own. We want to help change that by introducing you to an extraordinary homeless pet every week. Today, we’d like you to meet Journey, an 8-year-old old mutt who bounced back from the brink.

After getting shot with a shotgun, then run over by a car three months ago, the stray was taken to a rural shelter outside Atlanta, Ga., and put directly on the euthanization list. Luckily, the badly-injured dog wasn’t first in line.

“She was going to have to wait three days to be put down,” says Hannah Wildner, a photographer and animal fosterer for the grassroots rescue Mercy for Georgia’s Homeless Pets. “My friend pulled her from the shelter with the intention of putting her down humanely, without making her wait.”

And that’s where the dog’s journey began. “When they were at the vet’s office, she wagged her tail and started kissing everybody,” says Wildner.”So they made the decision to see what we can do to save her.”

Donations funded the amputation of her right front leg, which was full of buck shot, and Atlanta Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness donated hydro therapy sessions so she could learn to walk on three legs.

Though it was tough at first for the senior pooch to adjust, Journey is now a pro – but her new home needs to meet some requirements. “Lots of steps wouldn’t be real good for her,” Wildner says. “If you want her to come up to your bed, she would have to be carried.”

The sweet dog doesn’t seem to have any emotional scars from her ordeal. “She’s just a nice, gentle companion,” according to Wildner.

If you think you are Journey’s happily ever after, contact Hannah Wildner at (770) 451-3809.

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