The 9-year-old longhaired cat loves to be carried around

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 10, 2011 09:00 PM

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, and each week, we’ll be introducing you to cats and dogs who need a place to live out their golden years. Today, we’d like you to meet Watson, a 9-year-old tuxedoed gentleman who wants to be your sidekick.

Watson’s life has been full of ups and downs. He came to the Meow Cat Rescue of Kirkland, Wash., as a kitten, after he was found tossed out in a shopping bag at a nearby Park & Ride. He was quickly adopted, but a decade later, his owners were forced to give him up when a new baby arrived earlier this year.

“I remember when he came in, we couldn’t touch him, he was so frightened,” remembers Bonne VeVea, director and co-founder of the rescue. “It was so bad that I had to actually call the previous owner and ask him to come in and help us – and it made all the difference. When his dad came back in, it just calmed him down. It was sad to see, actually.”

As heartbreaking as that was, Watson turned a new leaf that day. He now happily roams free in the rescue’s cat room, where he refrains from playing, but likes to observe the other felines. “He decided this place was okay,” VeVea says. “He’s doing very, very well now. He’s gentle, affectionate, shy, and talkative.”

The longhaired cat is very comfortable around men and would make a great accessory for any cat guys out there. “He likes to be carried around,” she says. “You can kind of snuggle with him over your shoulder.”

Established in the early ’90s, Meow Cat Rescue places about 1,500 animals into forever homes each year. Click here to read more about loveable Watson on

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