This 8-month-old sweetheart has trouble warming up to strangers

By Amy Jamieson
June 07, 2012 05:00 PM

June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat month and it’s our mission to help felines everywhere find a place to call home. Today, we’d like you to meet Don Juan, an 8-month-old Russian Blue mix.

Recently rescued from a hoarding situation in San Dimas, Calif., Don Juan is remarkably friendly given what he’s been through. Just a few months ago, he was living in a tiny apartment with 22 cats.

“It was awful. Many of the cats were very, very thin,” says Catherine Macias, the president and founder of the Southern California-based Homeless to Forever Foundation, which is caring for the cat.”The owners were hiding from their landlord and smoking in the apartment.”

Sadly, as sweet as he is, Don Juan has trouble warming up to people – at first. He gets anxious when it comes time to meet potential owners at adoption events, so he’s had a tough time making a connection.

“He also gets shy on home visits, but with his people, when he’s feeling like he’s home, he is very friendly,” says Macias.

When he thinks no one is looking, this cat playfully entertains himself with his water bowl or toys. He also enjoys getting comfortable on the laps of people he trusts.

“He would just love a nice home where he can be loved well,” says Macias. “When he’s feeling comfortable, he’s lounging around, purring very loudly and is very affectionate. That’s why they named him Don Juan, because he’s a big lover.”

To learn more about Don Juan, visit his profile page. Send an email to to inquire about adopting him.

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