The 2-year-old lap cat is friendly with people and other felines

It’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week and we’re doing our part to help less desirable – but no less deserving! – pets find forever homes. Today, we’d like you to meet Rebecca, a teen mom who has a lot of love to give.

In June, the 2-year-old was surrendered to New York City’s Riverside Animal Hospital by a building super who discovered the cat and her four kittens outside of the building.

She was shy when she first arrived, and protective of her babies (all of them have since been adopted).

“She’s low-key and pretty chill for a cat,” says Sara Louie, 17, who photographed the pretty black feline for’s new Pics for Pets campaign, which encourages teens to help shelter animals find homes. Louie adds, “She’s really motherly.”

In her short time at the hospital, this lap cat has really blossomed. “We had her in the back at first because she was shy but recently we moved her up front and she’s really come around,” says nurse Shannon Keefe. “She’s definitely friendly with the other cats.”

Rebecca has even made a love connection with one handsome guy, Elliott, a black male cat who looks exactly like her. According to Keefe, he even “acts like her boyfriend.”

If Rebecca sounds like the perfect match for you, contact the Riverside Animal Hospital at (212) 865-2224.

Through’s new easy-to-use app, teens can share photos of homeless animals like Rebecca, all in the name of adoption. To learn more about the new campaign watch this new PSA featuring Nigel Barker.

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