March 24, 2011 08:45 PM

Nutmeg the cat was all set to move with her family to England in the fall of last year when her owners, who worked for the State Department, got transferred.

But just eight days before they were due to leave for the U.K., the family’s housing fell through and they weren’t permitted to bring pets to the accommodations they were assigned.

So they tearfully brought Nutmeg back to the place they adopted her from 6 years before, the Rude Ranch of Harwood, Md.

“She had her bags all packed,” says Kathy Rude, cofounder of the ranch. “She was ready to become an international kitty.”

That was not to be. Now, Nutmeg is living at the ranch – with 113 other cats and 6 dogs – awaiting a new place to call home.

“Considering she went from being an only cat with two little girls to play with, she’s adjusted pretty well,” Rude says. “She kinda rolls with the punches and has gotten used to the other cats. She’s still a little nervous around really big dogs. But she loves draggy toys and she’s got the laser pointer thing figured out.”

The feline, who is “rock solid” healthwise, is 6-years-old and would make a great family pet – and she’s not picky about location. “Although she would like to travel,” Rude adds. “She is perfectly happy to stay in the United States.”

If you’re interested in adopting Nutmeg, email the Rude Ranch:

Established in 1997, the Rude Ranch is a safe haven for animals who have nowhere else to go. They have five acres of land for their dogs, cats and special needs animals to enjoy. Currently, they have many pets who are victims of foreclosure, so if Nutmeg isn’t a perfect fit for you, there are many other pets to choose from.

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