December 31, 2009 11:07 PM

For every pet living with a happy family, there is an animal in a shelter waiting to find a loving home. So today, we’d like you to meet Maggie, a 2-year-old pit bull mix waiting patiently for a forever home in Hawaii.

Known as “Mama Dog,” Maggie came to the Maui Humane Society in August, when she was pregnant with a litter of 17 pups that were eventually born at the shelter. After her babies were adopted, Maggie helped foster nine other puppies that needed a mother, until they were old enough for adoption, too. “She’s so gentle and trusting that she had no problem sharing her babies with the world, even as newborns,” adoption counselor Ruby Hernandez tells “Now, we’re hoping her hard work will pay off and she’ll get a home of her own.” Maggie gets along with dogs of all sizes, and often plays roommate to young, energetic dogs, so she’d thrive in a home with other pooches.

As the only open admission shelter on the island of Maui, the Maui Humane Society takes in an average of 10,000 animals per year. The organization adopts out about 140 pets per month, and often reunites strays with their owners, too. The shelter is happy to organize inter-island adoptions – as well as adoptions to families on the mainland – and works with many other related organizations to transfer animals to wherever they can, in hopes of increasing their chances of rescue.

The Maui Humane Society is always in need of donations, so visit their Web site to learn how you can help.

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